How To Get Rid Of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones or nephrolithiasis is a very tricky disease. It gives off little to no signs and symptoms at all, and only becomes more evident when the size of the stone has become too large to cause significant obstruction.

In the same light, it is important to prevent the occurrence of stones… but there are millions of people who are currently diagnosed with such stones. Here are ways which could help these people get rid of kidney stones naturally:

Know the type of stone. Before engaging in any stone removal technique, make sure you are aware of the type of stone inside your kidney. There are various forms of kidney stones like the uric acid, calcium, and struvite stones.

Identifying the type of stone is important in order to arrive at the best possible approach in how to get rid of kidney stones.

Drink an adequate amount of water. Latest researches and studies in medicine have found out that the recommended eight to ten glasses of water each day is not true to all people, most especially those who have certain conditions that need extra hydration.

One of those conditions is nephrolithiasis. Make sure you drink at least ten to twelve glasses of water daily to prevent further crystallization in your kidneys and dilute the hardened minerals inside.

Low Salt, Low Protein Diet. Needless to say, a person with kidney stones should avoid excessive salt intake. If possible, a low salt and bland diet should be maintained. Red meat, especially beef has been found to be responsible in the development of kidney stones, too. As much as possible, eat white meat as that of fish and chicken.

Be Lavish On Citrus Juices. Beverages rich in potassium citrate like lemon juice, orange juice and other citrus juices can effectively lessen the crystallization of uric acid. Some forms of beverages must also be avoided like tea, caffeine, beer and chocolate drinks as these are high in oxalate.

Maintain an Active Lifestyle. It is true that when we stress our bones through exercise, especially with weight bearing routines, the absorption of calcium into the bones increase.

This incidence lessens the possibility of calcium to turn into crystals in the bloodstream. The more normal the amount of calcium is in the blood, the better it would be.

The smaller the kidney stones are, the greater is the possibility of diluting them and passing them out naturally. The abovementioned tips are effective in saving yourself from undergoing surgical procedures and experiencing related complications.

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