How To Get Rid Of Hiccups?

While hiccups can be entertaining for a minute or two, they can start to get pretty annoying if you’ve been dealing with them for long periods of time. Whenever mine begin, all I can think of is how to get rid of them.

I typically get the really deep, painful ones. Hiccups can be very uncomfortable and seem to plague us at the most embarrassing and inconvenient times. Have you ever had a case of the hiccups during a quiet meeting or a movie? No fun, right? Let’s discuss a few ways you can get rid of hiccups quickly so you won’t have to deal with them for as long anymore.

What are Hiccups?

Hiccups are pretty strange convulsions of the diaphragm. They can be brought on by various things like spicy foods, or harmful fumes. People who have undergone major abdominal surgeries are prone to them; but most of the time they are simply random. While there are many ways to attempt to get rid of them, they don’t always consistently work.

It is believed that by having less oxygen in your body (which increases the levels of carbon dioxide) you will; in most cases, be able to get rid of your nasty hiccups.

Quick Fixes

One of the most popular ways to get rid of hiccups is holding your breath. Many people believe simply holding your breath for at least ten seconds can get the job done. Keep in mind, you may hiccup as you’re holding your breath but try your best not to breathe in when this happens.

Another great way to stop those nasty buggers is to distract yourself. People will typically do this by counting in their head to 50, let’s say, or by having someone scare them or tickle them. Strangely, this seems to work very well for most people.

Gargling and drinking cold water are two great ways to try to calm your hiccups. The cold water should shock your diaphragm back into working properly. It’s kind of like stretching out a muscle that’s not feeling right. Using it in a different way and stretching it out typically helps get rid of the spasm.

Breathing into a paper bag for a few seconds can help calm your muscles and get your mind off the hiccups; which typically will get rid of them in no time. If this doesn’t work, you can also try eating a spoonful of sugar or eating a pickle.

You can also try laughing or controlling your breathing by exhaling all the way, and then slowly inhaling again; doing this ten or twenty times as consistent as you can. This is another wonderful way to stretch out your muscles and get them back to working properly.

Extreme Cases

If you’ve tried the things listed above and are still having trouble with your hiccups, it is time to talk to your doctor. Chronic hiccups are a serious problem and could mean there are underlying problems and the hiccups are just a side effect of that.

Depending on what your doctor finds when examining you, they may suggest acupuncture or even hypnosis to get the problem under control.

There have been reports of individuals who were suffering for hiccups for weeks or even months. When this happens, (which is extremely, extremely rare) you may need to undergo surgery as the diaphragm is malfunctioning and won’t quit having spasms on its own.

While hiccups are irritating, they are a natural occurrence and as long as they aren’t lasting more than a few hours, you should be fine. By stimulating your nerves, typically the problem will be fixed and you can go about your daily business with no problem.