How to Get Rid of Flatulence?

What is Flatulence?: Flatulence is when excess gas builds up in your digestive system and your body sends it out of the rectum. This excess gas is made up of mostly nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane.


Naturally, your body produces gases as it digests foods that you have eaten. The small intestine contains enzymes and bacteria that break down your food, releasing wind which gets sent to your digestive system. When there is excess gas, it will be released from the body.

Other ways excess gas can accumulate in the body is via swallowing air while eating, or talking. Overeating and allergies also contribute to flatulence. When you overeat or eat something that your body isn’t accustomed to dealing with, it has to work harder and faster in order to break down the food.

When you are allergic to something, it messes up the body’s normal gas secretion, completely throwing your body off-whack, causing it to release more gas than needed.

There are certain types of foods such as high-fiber foods, spicy foods, fruits or vegetables that will cause your body to release more gases; as they stimulate your digestive system.

When you go on a diet, your body is being introduced to many new types of foods and nutrients that it isn’t accustomed to. This makes it harder for your body to digest, because it’s unfamiliar to the chemical compounds it’s being exposed to. This is comparable to when you’re allergic but not as severe.

As well as personal changes to the body, certain diseases; such as IBS (or irritable bowel syndrome) can cause flatulence as well. Diseases interrupt the natural bodily processes the same way an allergy or overeating does; but in a more chronic way.

Treatment and Prevention

While a certain amount of flatulence is normal, there are things you can do to keep this bodily function to a minimum. Eating a healthy diet, exercising and drinking plenty of fluids help keep your body normal and help get rid of flatulence.

Herbal teas are great, as they are easy for the body to digest. While fiber is important, it’s something you don’t want to overdo because this can lead to constipation, blockage, you name it.

While things like chewing gum or talking while you eat may not seem major, they are a big contributing factor to flatulence. Avoid excess air inhalation as much as possible.

There are also many over-the-counter products available to help you get rid of flatulence. Of course, if you are ever concerned about your medical health it is very important to speak to your doctor as they will have many things you can try in order to come up with that perfect combination of diet, medication, and lifestyle changes.