How To Get Rid Of Cold Sores?

In a matter of 14 days cold sores will automatically heal. Although after 14 days they are healed, the virus that causes them herpes simplex virus will still be lying dormant in the body and may make the sores erupt in future. Sores cause physical discomfort and sometimes embarrassment but the good news is that there are proven ways to get rid of cold sores.

It’s important to first know what causes cold sores. Tingling and pain accompanies the onset of a blister followed by a hard bump around the mouth area. In one or two days the blister transforms into a fluid filed red bump. Finally the blister will break.

The Proven Ways

A cold sore should be left untouched and should not be scratched, this makes them heal faster. Scratching a cold sore can make it spread to other parts of your face. Clean the sore with hot water, a soft cotton rag and anti bacterial soap. This helps in ensuring the sore doesn’t spread to other parts of the face thus minimizing infection. But this should be done gently without over scrubbing the sore.

Eat healthy, drink lots of water and reduce the stress in your life. Going for vegetables and fruits instead of salty and fatty foods boasts you immune system. As a result one is protected from getting sores and if one has them, they heal faster. Makeup should never be used to hide sores as it makes the sore worse off and more prone to infections.

But to make the sore heal, one home remedy available is heating tea bags on a stove. These are then held to the wound. This subsequently brings a rush of healing blood to the sore and the sore will heal speedily.

There are products and other over the counter prescriptions being sold with claims of healing sores. These normally do little. The simple method to get rid of cold sores is the natural ways stated above. Always keep the sores clean, eat healthy and exercise these habits reduce the chances of the sores coming back.