How to Get Rid of Bruises?

When you scratch your body on a rough surface, your upper skin cells are tampered leaving behind the lower skin layer and tiny blood cavities. This kind of wound is basically what is commonly known as bruise.

They are really painful and they should be cured as fast as possible. There are various methods available to get rid of bruises like for example; a reduction of blood flow to the area will hinder the blood loss. Also dissipating the accumulated blood will help prevent the clotting of blood on the wound as it may leave a mark over the wound. Let us carefully see all the steps involved in curing of bruises.

Whenever we get a wound, we look for immediate medication. First thing which should be done is to prevent any intake of ypical types of medications which will worsen the bruise. Some common medications include ibuprofen, which is a well known pain-killer, aspirin, naproxen etc.

Any kind of cortisone medications like the prednisone should also be stopped as it makes the blood vessels fragile and worsen the situation. Consult a doctor to know exactly which medications should be stopped.

Immediately go for applying ice pack or cold water on the wound. The immediate lowering of temperature will reduce the rate of blood flowing out. You can also use other chilling methods available in your vicinity but irrespective of whatever agents you use to cool your bruise, you have to remove after 10 minutes and should wait for at least 20 minutes for re-applying.

The next should thing which should be done to get rid of bruises is to reduce the blood flow to your wounds. Elevate the bruised part above the heart level to reduce the amount of blood flow in that part, due to gravitational effect.

Do not let blood clot anywhere inside and hence apply gentle pressure and message the surrounding of the bruise in circular fashion. Also a mild heating after 48 hours of cooling, will help you doing this. In any case, do not apply pressure so that it causes pain.