How To Get Rid Of Blackheads?

Black heads are caused by oily skin. This excess of oil clogs your pores, resulting in a blackhead. Typically, oil leaves your pores on its own but when something gets in the way, either because the pore was blocked or the pore isn’t working properly then you are faced with a problem.

Let’s discuss how you can get rid of blackheads; because I’m sure you’re sick of dealing with them just as much as the next person.

Things To Avoid

Where many people go wrong is their use of makeup that contain a lot of oil, as well as excessively scrubbing their face; thinking they are doing something good and getting rid of dirt. Excessive scrubbing actually hurts your skin and causes it to fall off sooner; leading it to becoming clogged within your pores and worsening the problem.

It is extremely important to give your face time to breath. Not cleaning your makeup from your face each day is going to lead to clogged pores and more breakouts.

Things To Do At Home

It is very important to keep your face moisturized and clean. At least once a day, it is a good idea to place a warm, wet washcloth on your face and let it sit there and really clean out your pores for at least five minutes.

Of course, the more time, the better. You don’t want the towel to be so hot that it hurts, but right on the threshold. Your face is going to feel amazing afterwards and you’ll want to do this every single day. You’ll be shocked by how quickly you can get rid of blackheads this way.

I cannot stress this enough; do not pick at your blackheads. While there are proper ways of getting rid of them, this is not one of them. In most cases, all you are going to do is irritate and possibly hurt your skin, causing the issue to worsen and your skin to look much worse than if you would have simply left the blemish alone.

No one wants to grow older and have scars all over the place from picking and popping. Getting rid of blackheads the correct way is the best and most effective way to go.

Over The Counter Products

Still having issues with blackheads? There are many over the counter products you can try. There are masks that are great for getting rid of the dead skin and really giving your face a nice, deep cleanse.

Products like Proactiv are very popular and can be found in various stores, as well as online. While Proactiv is one of the more expensive products, it has been proven to work great for many people and is definitely worth the cost.

Don’t give up. If one product doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean you’re going to have to deal with blackheads the rest of your life. Plenty of people try product after product before finding the correct solution for their needs.

Talk To Your Doctor

If the problem persists, you may need to consult a doctor to get more information. Everyone’s skin is different and some people need a little more help when trying to rid themselves of blackheads. You may want to discuss various acne products with them and if you can, see a dermatologist to get many more options.

There are many acne products out there that help exfoliate your face and get rid of all the built up dead skin that leads to clogging and breakouts.