How To Get Rid Of A Yeast Infection?

What Is A Yeast Infection?

A yeast infection is a fungus that infects areas of the body that are commonly moist. While some yeast is natural; when the production of it becomes too high; this leads to infection. Yeast infections are very common for women and affect the vagina. They are very rare for males, but can affect them as well. Here, we will discuss mainly yeast infections among women.


  • Itchy, irritated, or sore genitals
  • White discharge from the vagina; typically comparable to the look of cottage cheese
  • Vaginal pain during sex
  • Burning feeling during urination


Yeast infections can be caused by a variety of things. While the most commonly portrayed yeast infections in the media are related to infection; certain antibiotics, stress and malnutrition are also major causes. As mentioned above, yeast is natural in the body but when too much of it is produced (due to a change in body chemistry) this can lead to problems.

A perfect example of this is pregnant women; since their bodies are constantly changing and their hormones are out of whack, they commonly will get yeast infections.

Common Misconceptions

There are so many different things that can lead to a yeast infection. While people tend to think a yeast infection is caused by the individual infected has done something wrong (whether it be not bathing enough, or sleeping around), this is not always the case. Yes, those can be contributing causes, but many people are just more prone to such ailments.

How To Get Rid Of Yeast Infection

There are many ways to treat and prevent yeast infections. While many people (men and women alike) are prone to these types of infections, there are steps they can take in order to suffer from less flair ups.


Cleanliness is very important. Yeast is attracted to areas that are moist much of the time. While some areas cannot be removed of this moisture (ex: the vagina), there are steps you can take in order to keep them cleaner.

Avoiding scented products and soaps is a great place to start. Such products can alter the body’s natural pH balance which can lead to more infections. While douches are very popular, they should be avoided. What a lot of people don’t realize is that a douche not only gets rid of the ‘bad bacteria’, but the good as well.


There are many antifungal medications available over the counter and work great to get everything back to normal. Some women experience many yeast infections so this is a common purchase. However, if this is your first time; you may want to speak with your doctor to verify that you in-fact, have a yeast infection and not something else.

Air Your Body Out

As mentioned above, yeast is attracted to moist places. Airing your body out is very important in keeping the temperature lower (as well as moisture, caused from excessive sweating). Wearing well-fit clothing as well as cotton underwear help keep this moisture more under control.

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