Get Rid of Love Bite Bruises or Hickeys

Many of us have had them, and while in the moment; these types of things can seem like a great idea, when you have work in a few hours, not so much. Here are a few popular ways to get rid of a Love Bite Bruise or a hickey.

How Love Bite Bruise’s or Hickey’s Form

You may be wondering how a hickey happens. Here are the basics: when an area of the skin is sucked hard enough, blood vessels break, leaving you with blood that’s trapped underneath your skin’s surface. This is what gives your skin that unsightly look. Not to mention the discomfort.

Easy Fixes

If you catch the problem right away, you’re more likely to get rid of a hickey sooner; decreasing the intensity of it.

First of all, it’s always a good idea to put ice on the affected area right away. Massaging the area can help move the blood around, so it’s not all built up in one area. While it’s not going to be very comfortable, you can press on the hickey with an object that is flat and circular (like a pen cap).

The idea here is to get the blood to move away from your skin; and deeper in your body. Many people use combs or brushes to disperse the blood; and we’re not going to lie, this isn’t going to feel that great. Many people swear it gets rid of Love Bite Bruise’s very quickly.

Cover It Up

Of course, you can always apply makeup to the hickey until it can heal on its own. Wearing clothing that covers up the affected area can help as well.