How to Get Rid of Dark Circles?

Dark circles under the eye need no longer be a bother. With simple homemade solutions, the dark circles will easily be eliminated. Basically dark circles may be as a result of lack of sleep, allergies or it may be a sign of an underlying illness.

With homemade solutions there are two ways to get rid of dark circles under the eye. This is both adopting some useful habits and also applying home based therapies that will prove useful.

Helpful habits

First the power of sleep, the power of sleep can not be underestimated in facilitating a good complexion, curing common illness and off course eliminating those irritating dark circles. Sleeping an average of 6-9 hours at night will make the dark circles start disappearing, because makes your body rest for proper functioning of all body parts.

The next thing is ones diet; these dark circles may be caused by some foods which one is allergic to or some environmental conditions, avoid these conditions. Taking foods rich in Folic acid, Vitamin B6 and B12 is also of great aid. These are mainly green leafy vegetables and fruits.

As much as possible avoid processed and canned foods. Drinking plenty of water, quitting smoking and avoiding drinking alcohol at night also helps. Incase the dark circles are hereditary, there is no reason to lose hope, dermatologists will provide the right medication.

Home based Remedies

Using cucumber slices, ice cubes wrapped in soft cloth or tea bags does help. Preferably in the morning, take the fresh cucumber slices, the ice cubes or the tea bags apply to your eyes, when lying down with your eyes closed. Another home therapy is taking a wet cotton swab freezing it for a while, and wiping the areas of the eyes with the dark circles with it.

There are many simple and cheap home based therapies that will help get rid of dark circles. Simply use the internet and research more about them. Commercial there are creams and pills containing vitamin K and retinol that will go along way to help. Finally incase the problem persists visit a dermatologist.