Five Tips to be successful in Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Most of the people who wish to work from home, try their hands at affiliate marketing. This appears to be easy but believe me it is not.  There is no easy way of making 1000 s of dollars per month. It is possible but its not easy and its not going to happen in 1, 3 or even 6 months. It took me more than an year to be successful.

So, following are the 5 most important tips for every affiliate marketer:-

1. Stay aways from costly fake programs.

You will find many programs on internet that teach you about making blogs, tips to earn big amount in affiliate marketing, ways to find great niches that make money etc etc. But these sites more than often exaggerate their promises and later cause frustration to people.

Recently I came across a website that charges $60 to find you a niche and affiliate program that will make 100s of dollars per month for years to come and people buy this service!. Its totally stupid. If I am sure that I can find a niche that will make 100s of dollars per month for years to come then why would I sell such a nice niche for $60? I would make my own blog and make money with it! So, there are too many fake programs that don’t work. So, be aware of them.

Take services of freelancers if you need assistance in getting started.

2. Find an affiliate program to promote and select a kewword rich domain .

You can look for a list of affiliate programs to promote on websites like etc. Open an account with them and look for programs with good gravity.  Some times its better to promote a brand new program as its easier to find good URL/domains for such campaigns.  jUst selecting a program which sells the most will not help. you need to ensure that you can register a good keyword rich domain for such a campaign. And also ensure that there isn’t too much competition for that keyword. Its a tough process as you need to look into too many things before deciding for an affiliate program, a domain and keywords to target. Stay away from .biz and .info domains.

3. Target multiple keywords and write quality Content:-

Once you have selected an affiliate program, a domain and a main keyword. Then you make a list for 20 to 30 keyword phrases to target and write articles on those keywords or get the articles written from offshore writers. Post on blog with images and cloaked affiliate links. Place affiliate links in blogroll/sidebar as well.

4. Promote Your Blog:

Get articles written on keyword and syndicate them to article directories, web 2.0 sites etc. Bookmark your articles to multiple bookmarking sites. Submit your website to web directories like Joeant, yahoo etc. Make videos and upload to youtube etc

5. Build Email List.

Get Aweber membership and offer a useful ebook to your members free of cost and thus build an email list. This is a must for every online business. It is also a good idea not to sell anything on your website at all. Just offer a free ebook and later send email to them explaining what all you have to offer.

I think I have covered most important things to be kept in mind by all affiliate markets. If you know of othe things to be kept in mind, then please leave a comment below 😉