Effective Link Building with Article Marketing and Press Release

Understand a fact seriously: if you have a website, product or service, or if you are into affiliate marketing, you can not think about progress if you are not promoting your website properly. Website promotion is an integral part of your online business and overlooking it will lead to nothing but huge loss and failure. So, you must look deep into this subject and do every legit thing you can come up with to promote your website. Two of the most common ways to do this are article marketing and press releases.

First of all, let us see what article marketing is. When you are promoting or selling any service or product, you can write an article about it, not promotional but informative. After you are done with it, submit it to any of the popular article directories. Also, you can either do it on general directories or those that target the niche you are writing about.

How can this help you? Well, if your article is informative and you have something new and unique to offer to the readers, that is unavailable else where, people will visit your site automatically. So, it all depends on the quality of what you write. Now, they will reach your website as you can put the URL address of your site in each article. So, they have the way to reach you and hence, you get lots of traffic.

Another way to target traffic and promote your website is through press release. So if you don’t know what a press release is, it is basically a collection of success stories of your product/services. However, they can be written like article, you have to be extra careful to ensure that no spelling or grammar mistake creeps in. The reason is simple: you are doing it not for readers or common people, but for journalists. So, any error or mistake will be a very silly thing and will reflect poorly on your profile.

Now why would anyone want to write press release? The answer is quite simple. When you search for any product, approximately 70% of the search results on front page are press releases. It means that a quality press release, pointing out the advantages of your product that makes it unique will help you in getting better ranked and chances of visitors reaching your site increase manifolds.

So, now you have a proper idea about both the ways to opt for while planning on promotion of your sites. Also, remember that while article writing and marketing may seem easy, you must ensure that you read terms and conditions regarding submitting the articles. There are various rules to be followed so that your article is successfully accepted.