Easiest Way of Promoting Your Blog on Twitter

The potential of twitter in bringing traffic to your website in not un-known. Most of the bloggers are using it to bring additional traffic to their website. But twitter also helps in offpage SEO of your website.

Twitter does not pass link juice to your blogs but it can surely increase alexa rank of your website. The search engines like Google & Yahoo do consider alexa rank of a website when ranking them in search results. So, twitter help in increasing traffic and alexa rank which in turn helps increasing search engine rankings of your website.

But how to promote a blog on twitter with minimum effort?, here are few tips:-

  • The username you select for your twitter account must be closest keyword/phrase related to your website
  • You must follow people with similar interest and comment on other’s tweets. Basically participate in community.
  • Tweet everytime you post an article on your website. If you use wordpress, you can use one of many plugins to automate this step. Alternatively, convert feed of your blog to feedburner feed and the use the “Publicize” feedburner service to post tweets to your twitter account automatically.
  • Link to your twiter profile from your blog or promote it elsewhere like forum signature. In future, it is expected that tweets from twitter and other social networking websites may get a preference in search engine rankings. So, you can bring in traffic to your website indirectly through twitter.

Feel free to post comments if you have a question or if you want to add to the tweeting tips above 🙂