Do Autopilot Blogging Programs Work?

The idea of having an automated blog that earns you ongoing adsense income or affiliate commissions attracts everyone. Its like a dream, but only experts know that a 100% autopilot blog can never make money through organic traffic from search engines.

What is an automated blog?

Autopilot Blogging,  Auto Content Blogging Or Automated Blogging are different terms used to refer to a blogging system where instead of writing the content yourself, or hiring a writer to write content, or pasting articles from article directories manually,  you actually automate the content and link building process for your blogs.

Such blogs usually use a script/software or program to automate the process of copying content from RSS feeds, twitter, yahoo answers, article directories etc. For promotion these blogs use automated scripts that bookmark their posts to bookmarking sites and some advanced scripts also do the link exchange for them.

Why People Fall Victim to Such Scams?

This all sounds too good and tempting and thats the reason that there is no shortage of autopilot blogging tools and courses  in the internet market. Every now and then, new programs keep launching and the promoters of such programs don’t hesitate to make exaggerated claims of making people earn thousands of dollars with such autopilot blogs! . So, such easy money making ideas and wrong income claims make people fall into the trap and they buy such scripts even if they don’t know A, B, C of blogging.

Common Sense

When you get a promotional email about such programs, you must think why this person wants to sell this money making idea for “X” amount of money if he is not short of money? If he wants to do good to the society, then why doesn’t he sell it for free. Had it been true, then these script sellers wouldn’t have been selling scripts to others but enjoying holidays in several 7star hotels around the world.

Look thoroughly into their website where they make claims of income generated,. Many times they show it right there that they are trying to fool. For example look into the image below. The image was used in one website selling its Automated Content Blog tutorial courses and scripts. In their clim, they only told about the traffic generated in the month of october and the adsense and affiliate income generated in the month of October.

But the question to think about is , why October only and why does traffic fall in subsequent months?


The reason is, that these guys promoted this website heavily in the month of October using adwords ( PPC)  or other marketing tools and then showed the traffic and earnings.

Why Automated Blogs Don’t Work:

The search engines don’t like duplicate content and will not rank a website that has 100% duplicate content. So,  its not possible to make money with these 100% automated blogs.

Is there no way to make use of Other People’s content on your website and still make money?

Well, the answer is yes but still it won’t make you $300/hr or even 10% of it. And the things required to make auto blogging work actually makes it semi automatic blog.  What you can do with other people’s content is that you can spin the articles, change titles, add few videos to it, add few lines of your own and if possible re-phrase few sentences of the article and then use it on your website. Still you must ensure to add few original articles to your blog in addition to spinned articles.

Do I recommend Autopilot Blogging?

No. I don’t like the idea as I have got better results with niche and authority blogging. So, be a blogger and not a lazy auto pilot-blogger. And never buy softwares, tutorial programs and ebooks that make tall claims.