Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes making News!

Tom Cruise married Katie on November 18 2006 after a lot of todo!

According to the Pre-nuptial agreement signed between Tom and Katie he will be giving Katie a few millions if they were to break up before five years! Very satisfying for Katie and her family it seems!

Let’s look at how long Tom’s prior marriages lasted.

On May 9,1987, Cruise married actress Mimi Rogers, who introduced him to the controversial religious teachings of the Church of Scientology, and for which today Cruise remains one of Hollywood’s most outspoken proponents. Their marriage lasted for just a little over three years!

And then on December 24th 1990 he married Nicole Kidman and remained married till 2001 August. It was with Kidman that he had adopted Isabella (born 1993) and Connor (1995). In fact he was very keen that the two children attend his wedding ceremony along with Nicole in Italy this year.

Tom Cruise could not wait to start eating at his wedding

Katie’s love isn’t the only thing Tom Cruise has been hungry for…… It has been claimed that Tommy boy couldn’t wait to start eating at his wedding to Katie Holmes. The controversial actor – who reportedly wore a corset to hide the weight he has gained when the couple tied the knot in Italy last month – began gobbling pizzas as soon as they were cooked after the ceremony.

The ‘Top Gun’ actor – who reportedly wore a corset to hide the weight he has gained when the couple tied the knot in Italy last month – began gobbling pizzas as soon as they were cooked after the ceremony.

Princess Maria Odescalchi, who hosted the wedding at her family’s castle, revealed to Hello magazine, “Tom at one point started eating pizzas in the kitchen as they were making them!” Odescalchi let TomKat marry in her castle for free after befriending them through Roberta Armani, the niece of designer Giorgio Armani, who designed all the wedding outfits.

Jennifer Lopez and Jim Carrey laugh off rumors

Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez and Jim Carrey have laughed off reports that they are taking keen interest in a controversial religion of scientology.

These rumors sparked its wings when recently Jennifer Lopez and her Latin singer husband Mark Anthony were spotted socializing with Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise in the past two weeks.

Incidentally, Lopez laughed off reports of their new found friendship with Tom Cruise is proof of their burgeoning interest in his scientology religion.

However insiders reveal that Jennifer Lopez has been slowly taking keen interest into scientology religion, which was introduced to her first by her friend Lean Remini, who stars in US comedy show King of Queen., while funny man Jim Carrey is taking few introductory courses in the religion.

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt: Tom Cruise congratulates Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Tom Cruise sent a congratulations card to new parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the birth of their daughter Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. The greetings card praised Brangelina toungue in cheek for following on Tom’s footsteps.

Tom Cruise and girlfriend Katie Holmes celebrated the birth of their daughter, Suri, in April. Angelina Jolie gave birth to Shiloh on May 27 at a private clinic in Namibia.

The greetings from Tom Cruise read: “Congratulations! You`re doing a fine job following in my footsteps!”

Tom also sent Angelina and Brad’s daughter, Shiloh Nouvel, a designer Gund teddy bear.

Brad Pitt and T Cruise became friends, when both the Hollywood actors starred in ‘Interview with the Vampire’

Nicole Kidman still loves Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman has still not recovered from the pangs of separation from her former hubby, Tom Cruise. Nicole reveals that she still loves her ex-husband Tom Cruise. Opening up about her divorce to Cruise, Nicole says it was like ‘a little death’.

Nicole Kidman in an interview in the forthcoming June issue of Ladies’ Home Journal says, “He was huge; still is. To me, he was just Tom, but to everybody else, he is huge. But he was lovely to me. And I loved him. I still love him.”

Nicole Kidman was married to Tom Cruise for ten years before the couple split up in 2001 citing irreconcilable differences between them. They had adopted two children, Isabella, now 13, and Connor, now 11.

“I always knew the rug was going to be taken out from underneath me at some stage,” Kidman says. “I didn’t think it was going to happen in the way it happened. I had seen my mother battle breast cancer, so I had a fear of my health being jeopardised — that was really where I was thinking mine would come.”

Tom Cruise wants Katie Holmes back in shape before wedding

Tom Cruise is reportedly pushing his fiancée Katie Holmes to shed her post-pregnancy weight before their wedding. Katie Holmes gave birth to the couple’s daughter Suri on April 18. It is believed that the actress has met Sue Fleming, the owner of ‘Buff Brides’, which specialises in fitness programes for future brides.

But this decision of Tomkat has been met with severe opposition from Katie’s father who wants her daughter to rest now. Martin Holmes told British magazine Reveal, “My daughter needs rest, relaxation and recuperation..” “Katie is already doing exercises to build up her back and shoulders and I simply can’t go along with what’s happening.”

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes back from hospital.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have been blessed with a daughter on Tuesday afternoon at St. John’s Hospital in Los Angeles. A source close to Holmes’ family has been reported to state that, “The baby has lots and lots of dark hair and big, blue eyes. She’s going to be a beautiful baby.”

The new grandma Kathy Holmes, 59, was reportedly overjoyed and was crying and all she could say was, ‘We have a sweet baby girl! We’re so excited!” Holmes reportedly opted for an epidural. The birth went smoothly and Katie Holmes was sent home within 24 hours.

The little bundle of joy will be named ‘Suri’ as reported by the media and baby Suri’s name can be traced to a Hebrew word meaning ‘princess’ or ‘noblewoman’

Since the birth on Tuesday, Israeli TV and radio presenters have debated the word’s origins but nobody seems to have heard of it as is apparent from the statement of an announcer on Israel’s Army Radio. “We seem to have learned a new Hebrew word,” said an anchorman on Israel’s Channel 2 news.One of the presenters, Avshalom Koor,said Suri was a derivation of Sarah — the name of Biblical patriarch Abraham’s wife — as pronounced by some Central European Jews.

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