Sanjaya Malakar a hit at White House !

While celebrities like actress Teri Hatcher and New York Governor Eliot Spitzer were making a beeline to meet former “American Idol” contestant Sanjaya Malakar, one female fan at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner seized the opportunity to run her hands through his hair.

The 17-year-old Indian-American Malakar had been invited to attend the annual dinner along with celebrities such as Valerie Bertinelli, High School Musical star Zac Efron, Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, comedian Eddie Izzard, Sheryl Crow, Laurie David, Kerry Washington, “Desperate Housewives” star James Denton and the show’s creator Marc Cherry, reports

Last year, as the featured speaker, comedian Stephen Colbert had taken a few humorous jabs at President George Bush.

At this year’s dinner, however, the mood was far more sombre. Given the tragedy of the Virginia Tech Massacre, Bush passed on the opportunity to mock himself.

American idol: Shyamali Malakar pics and Sanjaya Malakar peaks

Shyamali Malakar a nineteen year old girl from Lacey, Washington is now heading to the Hollywood round of American Idol. And interestingly her brother Sanjaya Malakar too was selected !! They would be the first of Indian origin in the American Idol. She had attended the auditions with her brother Sanjaya. Both have taken their training in classical music from their father who is a classical Indian musician.

Shyamali sang Summertime which was appreciated by Paula Abdul. She said, “You’re better than you give yourself credit. You’re very nervous, and you don’t have reason to be. You’re very good, very subtle, but great. You have energy about you, I think your voice is really pretty.”

Also, Simon Cowell said “Nothing unique, nothing different, very pretty, but nothing unusual.” Randy Jackson said “I like you. I think you’ve got a nice voice. I think you’ve still got to find out who you are and where it should fit, but I think you’ve got a good voice though, I like it.” Both Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul said “yes,” which was enough to put Shyamali through to Hollywood.

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