If you have been watching Indian television, you must have noticed the “rise” of Rakhi Sawant. She started as an item girl … one of the many girls who popped up in nice catchy videos sprinkled with all the spices desi videos are permitted to.

If you have been watching Indian television, you must have noticed the “rise” of Rakhi Sawant. She started as an item girl … one of the many girls who popped up in nice catchy videos sprinkled with all the spices desi videos are permitted to. Rakhi has appeared in a dozen films and shot to C grade fame like other item girls like Yana Gupta (Babu ji Jara Dheer Chalo) and the Khallas girl. While most of these items go back to oblivion or continue doing C grade stuff, Rakhi Sawant is one girl who has succeeded in surviving in Bollywood and Indian media by her antics both off and on camera.

First was the Mika kiss episode. She did not have much role to play in the beginning .. where Mika forcibly kissed her on the lips. Rakhi was infuriated and her comments were live on all the Indian new channels. She went ahead and filed a police complaint against the influential Mika. And the world got to hear one of the revelations of modern Indian women as Rakhi Sawant commented : “Mein ek bharatiyan nari hun … mein gaal pe kiss allow kar sakti hu, lips pe nahin” (I am an Indian woman. I can allow a kiss on the cheeks but not on my lips). This shot Rakhi to limelight. The public was amused by her brash and mindless comments. Some people thought she talked straight from her heart. Next came Bigg Boss, the reality show .. where confused Rakhi Sawant came up with more antics than reality TV in India could ever deliver. She was voted out.. and she came back in after Sony paid her a fat check. A livewire, Rakhi Sawant became a household name in India … the over exposed .. both physically and emotionally Rakhi appealed to both men and women for respective reasons

She openly spoke how her mother hates her .. how her father never cared … fell in love on camera. Shes one woman who does not know what to say .. when to say. Rakhi is so imperfect that in this diplomatic trying-to-be perfect world, she stands out !!

Sony got her as a co judge in a comedy show and soon shes guest starring in the desi version of the Bigest loser. And you must have watched the Koffee with Karan show where Rakhi Sawant was the guest of the evening. She was twice on Seedhe Baat, the celebrity show on Aajtak. And why not … where can you hear an Indian celebrity talk in lengths of how she got a makeover from the plastic surgeon all over her body. How she is ready to sleep with a director for a big role. How she pulls down the leading ladies and how she is not ready to marry as long as she is hot.

That is Rakhi Sawant for you. Probably she will remain a B grade actress and an item girl who will fade with age. But she knows that and says that had she been convent educated and born into a bollywood family, she would have been a star by now. Well she is the star of the masses anyway. So its cliche but I think one cannot resist from saying : You can love her or hate her but you cannot ignore her.

Rakhi Sawant hurts sentiments of Buddhists

Nagpur, May 1 : Rakhi Sawant and controversies go hand in hand. This item girl is in the news mostly because of her controversies. And this time she has hurt Buddhist sentiments by posing in a bathtub against a statue of Lord Buddha in a TV show.

A complaint has been filed against her with the police in Maharashtra’s Amaravati district by a Buddhist group, which said the actress had hurt their religious sentiments. They also burnt her effigy and raised slogans against her.

The case was filed under Section 295 of the Indian Penal Code for intending to insult a religion.

Police have not taken any action so far, media reports said.

Rakhi Sawant, the tigress

Rakhi Sawant has now joined the long list of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals endorsers. In the new ad, she dresses up like a tiger to protest against the use of animals in circuses.

The actress has been in the news for a while now, after the reality series Bigg Boss and Rakhi Ke Bouncers. Earlier, we have seen celebrities like Amisha Patel and John Abraham, among others, supporting PETA.

The Taj Mahal city of Agra has got its biggest shopping mall, which is built over an area of 200,000 sq feet and item girl Rakhi Sawant was there for its opening.

The item bomb turned reality television queen speaks to Parmita Uniyal about the confessions and promises she would make to her lover Abhishek this Valentine’s day. Check her out in a candid mood.

Check the interview with Parmita
Unival she answered the questions with deep heart feelings.
What are you doing this Valentine’s Day?

Look, I am not a teenager who would make promises and go shopping to celebrate this day. I am a very practical person and would rather like to work to make my future bright. As far as love is concerned, I am a very loyal lover. Main romantic vomantic nahi hun.

Bigg Boss : Rakhi Sawant in, Anupama Verma out.

“It’s getting ugly in there so I am thrilled and delighted to leave after 43 days. It was emotionally draining. I am highly sensitive and private. I feel naked and exposed. I just asked my mum if I had done anything to embarrass my family,” says Anupama.

Anupama Verma is the lovely model with the stunning and fragile looks. What was this Delhi girl with an MBA degree in Finance and Marketing doing in Bigg Boss?

Anupama said that she was keen on Bigg Boss because she loves adventure and wants to try something different.She further says,” I would like to stay with Mother Teresa, Sharukh Khan, Navjot Sidhu and Jaya Bachan at the Bigg Boss house. Anupama hates people, who are clashy, argumentative, and people who think they know it all and think they are always right. If she comes across an irritating housemate she will simply withdraw and ignore that person.

When she was asked about Aaryan she said, “It is touching to know the impression I have left on him that he has changed his life a lot for me and I was distraught when he was evicted.”

Rakhi Sawant is in .. this week. She brings in with her all the news of the outside world. Lets see if she delivers the news right or manipulates it to her favor !!

Rakhi Sawant : Is she really in love ? Bigg Boss

Rakhi Sawant declared on Big Boss that she is in love and has a boy friend. Well is this for real or was this just for TRP ?

Till few days back, Rakhi Sawant was head over heals in love with Amit Sadh. In the episodes of Bigg Boss , Rakhi was seen desperately in love. She sobbed and cried at her helplessness as Amit was already involved with Neeru Bajwa, a television star. She was seen trying hard to get Amit’s attention and even expressed her feelings for Amit openly saying that she knows she cannot get Amit but she cannot change herself.

In the following days, Rakhi got in a fight with Amit and after the fight, Amit was seen holding up the picture of his fiance and dancing. Immediately Rakhi Sawant revealed that she had a boyfriend … someone who was always close to her but she never realized how close and important he was. Abhishek was his name !! Rakhi pleaded to Bigg Boss for a photograph of Abhishek on her birthday. So from then on, Rakhi ’s new love story started. Abhishek is a choreographer and is a close friend of Rakhi. She calls her Papa !!

But Rakhi still is seen trying to impress Amit while Amit now is more friendly to her as he is aware that she already has a boyfriend. This is reality TV but viewers do not know whats real and whats madeup. Rakhi is not sure what to do and what not to and every day we see new shades of her. Viewers too are as confused as Rakhi.

Bigg Boss : Rakhi Sawant in a new twist.

If you have been watching Bigg Boss , the reality show on Sony India, you will be surprised at the new twist. Bigg Boss is the Indianised version of the hit reality show Big Brother.

Celebrity item girls Rakhi Sawant and Kashmeera Shah have been best pals from the first day. Kashmira Shah has been busy plotting against others and is always busy instilling hatred among her fellow contestants. She succesfully plotted and has been successful in getting Rupali Ganguli nominated to be evicted out of the show. Rupali and model Anupama Verma have already been involved in a verbal duel.

Rakhi Sawant who is seen in short skimpy clothes 24 hours of the show, seems to have her head in the right place. Even though she is seen having a great time with her seemingly close friend Kashmira, during last night’s secret nominations, Rakhi voted for Kashmira Shah to be evicted. This proved that Rakhi is aware of the plots Mrs. Shah is plotting and does not approve Shah’s plans. Kashmira on the other hand has been planning for the show and researched the show well.

This week Deepak Parasher again is on the elimination list. And Bhojpuri superstar Ravi Kishen has been nominated automatically because of his abusive language. And the third member of the list is Rupali Ganguly who also has been somewhat manipulative in the show. Viewers will SMS vote out one contestant.

But hats off to Rakhi for casting her vote for her manipulative best friend.

BIGG BOSS : Are you watching ? Bollywood.

The biggest reality show has started on Sony India, BIGG BOSS !! Formatted based on Bigg Brother (licensed), this show deals with 13 Indian celebrities trapped in a house with no connection with the outside world.

The format is anyway interesting but it has become more interesting with the choice of celebrities. Bollywood controversial item girl Rakhi Sawant and her veteran item girl friend Kashmira Shah are among the ones who get the most screen coverage. Among the men are Ashiqui star Rahul Roy, Aryan Baid, Bhojpuri superstar Ravi Kishen, Deepak Parashar and former cricketer and TV actor Salil Ankola.

The female contestants are fashion models Carol Gracias and Anupama Verma, TV actress Rupali Ganguli and BIGG BOSS ‘ insider and mole Ragini Shetty. And one unique candidate Bobby Darling, the female trapped in a male’s body.

This week Deepak Parasar and Bobby Deol have been nominated to be evicted and people will SMS one of them out.

Insiders say that every celebrity got Rs. 20 lakhs for participating in the contest. Though it is expected that the contestants will act decent because every move is being watched by the vieweers, with time the reality will creep in . The politics and the fights have started. And its soon turning to be more dramatic than any daily soap.

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