The Top Ten searched celebrities

According to a survey conducted by eonline the most searched celebrities are….

1. Britney Spears – you may hate her or love her – but you simply cannot ignore her.
2. Angelina Jolie – with 23 movies and 3 tv appearances and Brad Pitt – one is not really surprised!
3. Jessica Sipson – maybe people want to know what color her hair is this time!
4. Paris Hilton – No surprise this. This celebrity, model, socialite, singer, author is the most envied and admired blond.
5. Jennifer Aniston – the most sympathized-with actress. You know when she cries oh so beautifully in the movies or the tv or live – a lump forms in your throat? You just can’t help it.

6. Lindsay Lhan – wonder why? May be because of her bar fights or car crashes!
7. Nicole Richie – Well you can guess why. Her fights with Paris keeps this skimpy girl in the news or is her claim to fame because of her famous singer dad Lionel Richie
8. Katie Holmes – Tom Cruise is the reason why!
9. Ashlee Simpson – Is it the starlet’s acting or her brand new nose job?
10. Pamela Anderson – Funny that a Baywatch babe could be down at no 10 on the list. Her implants have made more news than she has!

Jessica Simpson pulls her song out of Kennedy Center Honors

American pop singer Jessica Simpson has pulled out of a TV show where she was to pay tribute to the country and western great Dolly Parton, saying she was not satisfied with her performance. Simpson drew unwanted attention earlier this month when she flubbed the words to Parton’s song, Nine to Five, grew flustered and fled the stage during a taping of the annual Kennedy Centre Honours show.

Pop singer Jessica Simpson has asked for removal of a song she recorded during a tribute to Dolly Parton on December 3, People magazine reported Thursday.

Simpson, performing at the Kennedy Center Honors, was attempting to sing Parton’s classic hit “9 to 5,” but botched the lyrics and ran from the stage in tears. She re-recorded the song, but now wants that version edited out of the broadcast, which is set to air December 26 on CBS.

“Dolly you make me so nervous. I can’t even sing the words right,” the singer said during the show.

The performance, which also honored Andrew Lloyd Webber, Zubin Mehta, Smokey Robinson

and director Steven Spielberg, was attended by President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush.

Parto told People that Simpson is “so talented” and “someday they’ll be paying tribute to her.”

Angelina Jolie deeds inspire Jessica Simpson!

The sultry legally blonde singer and Hollywood star Jessica Simpson is looking forward to adopting a child as reported by UK Sun. Jessica told TV’s Extra “I want to adopt, and I plan to adopt before I have my own kids.” Angelina Jolie’s altruism as a Goodwill Ambassador and adopting kids seems to catch up as a trend among the stars. Not a bad idea if that’s how the stars want to give back to the society.

Regarding the adoption, Jessica’s publicist Rob Shuter said: “Nothing has been finalized yet; as to when and how Simpson will adopt. It is true that she’s exploring options.” Her publicist also bolstered the noble cause by stating that the Simpson family has anonymously contributed money to various Mexican orphanages, and that Jessica was 11 years old when she visited her first orphanage with a church group as reports from All Headlines News have illustrated.

Angelina Jolie is her inspiration states Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson, the legally blonde sultry singer as well as an actress with her debut in “The Dukes of Hazzard” now in New Mexico shooting for the comedy flick “Employee of the month” is claiming to have changed her life for the better after her recent divorce with Nick Lachey. In an interview with Extra, she is reported of being confessed as she said “From the last time I talk to you, I feel like I am a completely different person, but I’m only 25.” She also added that her stay in New Mexico has also aided in coping with her broken marriage and bouncing back into her life.

As Extra reported that Jessica Simpson is working with an organization to help orphaned kids and. “I just really want to bring awareness to interracial adoption,” she said. “Definitely I know that I will adopt. I want to adopt before I have my own kids.” So you are wondering what made her take up this noble venture, here is the answer- she is calling Angelina Jolie the UN Goodwill ambassador and a mom of two adopted kids as her inspiration. Simpson also quoted in Extra that Angelina Jolie has helped raise the awareness and international adoption rate is skyrocketing afte her noble deeds. Jessica also added “I just always loved the children, I actually went to Africa and got to be in on one of the surgeries and it was so amazing and these kids just change your life and change your perspective. Here she is talking about the charity organization “Operation Smile” which provides free surgical corrections to kids with facial deformities.

Is Jessica Simpson dating again?

Jessica Simpson, the sultry blonde American pop star is new again and this time it’s for her alleged dating with Adam Levine after her heart broken divorce with Nick Lachey. According to a report in ‘The National Enquirer the sexy 25-year old reportedly has taken a vow of celibacy so she can focus on her career.

So is the buxom singer off to breaking her pledge of celibacy by indulging in to passionate date? The dating rumor was spread by the NY Post as she was partying with Kirsten Dunst at a hotel in Hollywood then the media flooded in the news of her going in to a hotel with Adam Levine. The paparazzi added to the rumor by pasteurizing them together the next day.

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