Himesh Reshammiya has a wife and has a son !!

Surprise Surprise !! Well to all those who never knew that … here is it. Himesh Reshammiya is married. And married for quite some time. Well if you still do not believe. Himesh just revealed this to Karan Johar in Kofee with Karan. Read on.

This is from the interview which is to be aired this week.

Karan: But you keep very quiet about your wife. You don’t talk about her?

Himesh: Because she is a very simple girl.

Karan: It’s not that you feel that your image gets affected?

Himesh: No, the first time when I was asked whether I was married, I said yes.

Karan: And you have a son?

Himesh: Yes, I have a son.

Karan: What’s his name?

Himesh: Swayam.

So the word is out from the Man of Secrets.

Well. just in case you knew this before, one more secret. Why does Himesh wear a cap ? Well Himesh Reshamiya recently told Aaj Taak that he was losing hair and used a cap to over it. He now got a transplant and things are fine. Well after the movie Aap Ka Surroor has been declared a hit, Himesh seems to have changed. Now he smiles and is not keep everything a secret.

Himesh Reshammiya disappoints but Aap Ka Surroor opens huge.

If you love Himesh Reshammiya, you must have liked Aap Ka Surroor. The movie is more of a collection of nice songs and a story around them. The movie opened huge and is destined to be a big hit.

But Himesh Reshammiya is yet to prove his acting skills. He does not have a scene where he does not have a serious face. I think the director tried but it did not look good. so the angles were changed. Himesh stood there with a stone-like face all through out the movie. If you have seen his music videos, you do not see anything new here. Well smart HR can use this fact and sell his next movie saying thats the moviee where he really acts.

Coming to the word “real”. well Himesh did it again. Cheated people. or should we say marketed the movie by saying that it was his real movie. Well, yes… he later said that the movie was not actually his love story. then why does the title say “A REAL love story” !! Himesh Reshammiya in the TV talent show Saregamapa Challenge 2005 declared all through the episodes that he will reveal Vinit (a contestants) girl friends name if people vote him to the finals. People did but Himesh never kept the promised. Himesh knows how to build a hype and does not stay true to his words.

Other than Himesh, all the others acted pretty well. The female lead, Hansika was amazing for a 16 year old. Mallika Sherawat looked beautiful and brightened up the screen. Its reported that Himesh is thinking about quitting his music career and concentrate on his acting… well he needs to improve it. but Himesh. you are a great composer.. why not continue doing that !!

The movie is doing great all over India. hitting 90% in all sectors.. but the real test starts from next week when the curiosity will be over and word of mouth needs to move the sales. whatever happens. Himesh has proved a point. people love him.. but Himesh … they love you as a singer and a composer. Let others do the acting. !!

In support of Himesh Reshammiya

Its very convenient to dismiss and criticize Himesh Reshammiya. Yes he sounds nasal and sings most of his songs in high pitch. So what ? No one is claiming that he is the best singer in the world. No matter who are you, you need to admit that Himesh is a talented person … a rare combination of confidence, talent and entrepreneurship.

Why do people hate him ? He is a great business man. he knows what sells. His songs sell like anything … and he has churned out more hits than most composers deliver in their entire lifetime. Yes, they may be similar sounding. but people are buying it. He came to limelight as a singer with Ashique Banaya and it was nicely sung. Himesh Reshammiya received multiple Best Singer awards for this song. If HR’s movie Aap Ka Suroor is making waves, its because he is singing his own songs and hes acting in his music albums. Its all about marketing and Himesh is amazing in that. The baseball cap, the beard, the look. And people lined up at his movie just to find out why ?

A lot of stars tried that in the past. Sonu Nigam tried to act and failed miserably. Abhijeet looked like a joker in his music albums. Aadesh Srivastava shouts out to the crowd at Amul Voice of India in an attempt to create an image. Everyone is trying that … and thats because Himesh has shown that you can earn money and fame by singing or composing behind the camera but real money and fame comes to you when people recognize you and identify with you. Check the latest movies … for eg. Metro where Pritam and his band appears (quite oddly) in every song. This helps them sell out shows and brings in the real money. Himesh Reshammiya ’s world tour sold out. every show was packed and these were not small stadiums but ones like Wembley.

As a person, you may not like Himesh. But well thats how he is. He is extremely passionate about his work and only his work. He could come across as a proud and arrogant person but if you try to know him you will realize that he never insults anyone, neither does he try to pull anyone down and apologizes at the first opportunity.

If you are a singer, you will definitely hate Himesh … mainly because you think that he undeservingly got the fame. But cummon. why be jealous.. let him enjoy his. you go for yours. As Himesh Reshammiya believes. “I am no longer unhappy at others success. I learned that one should be happy at his own success and others success too”.

Himesh Reshmiya apologizes, says ‘ Sorry ‘ to Asha Bhosale

Musician-singer-turning actor Himesh Reshammiya has just made peace with the melody queen Asha Bhosle. Reshammiya shocked everyone when he said that RD Burman sang through his nose leaving the otherwise affable Bhosle fuming with rage. Ashajee had asked people to slap Reshammiya. He recently sent an SMS to the songstress, begging forgiveness.

Reshammiya says, “It’s true that I did send her a message and said, ‘Sorry Ashaji if I have hurt your sentiments’. I decided to send her a personal message.”

When asked why does he look so serious all the time? He quickly admits, “I am shy. People misconstrue it as arrogance. It is one of my complexes.” And this is not the end of confessions, there are more. “Today, I accept that I am a nasal singer. I’ve been a fool not to admit this till date.

People have been saying this forever and now I agree. Also, I’m proud to be so,” says Himesh with a wink, he’s made a mental note not to smile. He adds, “Also, I deserve to be slapped for hurting Ashaji,” clarifying, “When I mentioned that RD Burman used to sing in a nasal accent, I meant that whenever one sings at such a high-pitch, the voice tends to become so. But I shouldn’t have said it. I’m really sorry, Ashaji.”

Reshammiya says that the chapter is closed now, and that Bhosle has forgiven him. “She told me that she isn’t upset with me anymore. That comes as a breather,” he says. While Bhosle couldn’t be reached, her close friend and music director, Shamir Tandon, of ‘Asha and Friends’ fame said, “She has been away in Dubai and I haven’t spoken to her. I don’t think Himesh said that intentionally. Even if Ashaji reacted, it was impulsively, not intentionally.”

Himesh Reshammiya wants to sing for is A R Rahman. A R on his part in his trademark humility says “Reshammiya is doing a good job.” And this new year will mark an unexpected turn of events in this mutual-admiration-society.

They say, all’s well that ends well.

Asha Bhonsle rains anger upon Himesh Reshammiya

The new musical icon of India Himesh Reshammiya, is soaring high as his nasal gems delivered around 36 hit tracks in two years. However, things proved to be quite bitter for Himesh due to his off-beat comment on melody giants like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Mukesh and R.D. Burman.

Himesh, in fact was tired of allegations that his songs are all nasal based. In order to substantiate his view point he remarked that, ‘Mukesh ji, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sahib and R D Burman sahib had a nasal voice but no one says anything about them whereas I’ve given 36 hits in a year and a lot of people seem to have a problem with my voice. I don’t think the above singers ever gave the same number of hits in a year’.

This comment before the media on the eve of his concert at Surat invited the wrath of none other than the veteran singer Asha Bhonsle. She clearly stated ‘If anyone says Burman saab sang through his nose he should be slapped’.

Himesh, on the other hand had his own version of this episode. He said that he never thought of insulting R.D. Burman and added ‘I only wanted to prove a point. Now I realise I made a mistake. I should’ve never brought in the names of these greats in my argument’

Song of Himesh Reshammiya helps in nabbing diamond robber

The nasal gems of Himesh Reshammiya were successful in weaving magic once again, but this time it was in an unusual magical way. His song ‘Humko Deewana Kar Gaye’ helped the Mumbai Police to nab a diamond thief. Believe it or not, Divesh Borse, a carpenter by profession compelled the orchestra in a dance bar in Borivali (Mumbai) to play this song for 3 consecutive nights and thereby dug his grave.

This carpenter stole diamonds worth Rs 4.5 crores from the house of one Pratap Zaveri, a local jeweler while working at the store. After that he sold some of the diamonds and went to a dance bar for consecutive days where he immersed himself to the tune of the song ‘Humko Deewana Kar Gaye’. He showered lakhs of rupees on the band for playing the same song, thereby inviting the monotony of others present there.

On the third night the man did the same and that too in the grip of intoxication showered 1000 rupees notes on the singer of the band. He proudly proclaimed to be the richest man present there. These activities raised suspicion in the mind of a police informer present there, who gave the information to the Crime Branch office.

Acting on the secret information, police arrived there immediately and discovered Borse carrying diamonds worth Rs. 30 lakh on his person. Well, what could be more alluring that a song can even help in preventing crime!

Himesh Reshammiya in a new role

The new musical icon of India Himesh Reshammiya is now turning into an actor. The film ‘Aap Kaa Surroor, The Moviee, The Real Luv Story’ would be directed by Prashant Chadha and produced by Vijay Taneja. The movie would also feature the best of nine musical tracks composed by him and for the first time he will appear without his trademark cap.The film is set to hit screens in June 2007.

The new musical icon of India Himesh Reshammiya is now turning into an actor. The film ‘Aap Kaa Surroor, The Moviee, The Real Luv Story’ would be directed by Prashant Chadha and produced by Vijay Taneja. The movie would also feature the best of nine musical tracks composed by him and for the first time he will appear without his trademark cap.The film is set to hit screens in June 2007.

Himesh unveiled the promos of his film at the recent concert in the Wembely Stadium, London on Sunday. The concert was attended by over 10,000 people, mostly non-resident Indians in Britain. Himesh is the first Indian to perform at this Stadium. He claimed it would be the biggest Bollywood movie ever made. The producer of the movie said, “This would be a movie made in a budget of Rs 75 crore plus and would be shot in locations in Australia and New Zealand which till today have not be shown to the audience.”

The singer-composer informed that the film is an account of his own love story. The movie will make an end of all enquiries like why he always loses girls in his videos, why he always wears a cap, or why he doesn’t ever smile.

The most attracting part of the movie would be the role of Salman Khan, who gave Himesh the first break in the industry. The singer has great respect for this Bollywood star. Regarding the role of Salman it is not clear Whether Khan would only make a special appearance or have a full-fledged role in the film.

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