Bipasa Basu praises Sunudhi for success of ‘Bidee’ number

The item song ‘Bidee’ in ‘Omkara’ featuring Bipasa Basu has razed storm throughout. Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, this song has become very popular.

However, Bipasa preferred not to take any credit for the number. Instead she was in all praises for the playback singer of this song. Bipasa Basu showered lofty praises upon Sunidhi Chauhan and said, “Sunidhi is a goddess. Her singing is so powerful. She added another dimension to my dancing”.

Bipasa revealed without any hesitation that singing and dancing is not her cup of tea. She also expressed happiness over the incident that contestants of Sony TV’s Big Boss are crazy about the ‘Bidee’ number.

She was very optimistic about her new film “Race’ where she features with Saif Ali Khan. Though there are lots of other stars in ‘Race’ yet she feels herself as the “queen of multi-starrers”. She expressed content as the way she is growing up as an actress.

Hrithik was soul of ‘Dhoom 2′, says Bipasha

Bipasha Basu, who played a double role in “Dhoom 2″, is candid enough to admit that the movie was entirely Hrithik Roshan’s show.

“We were all aware that Hrithik was the whole and soul of the film. Luckily, there was no resentment. He worked so hard that no one could grudge his success.

“The rest of us had it easier. But I must say we all have benefited from the film’s success. People said they wanted to see more of me. That surely means they liked me in the film,” Bipasha told IANS.

After “Dhoom 2″, Bipasha will be playing another double role in Abbas-Mustan’s next.

“I like the space I’ve created for myself. I’m not success-obsessed. I’m a bit of a tortoise.”

Most Bollywood stars have woken up to the fact that actors must have their own websites, and so has Bipasha, who recently launched her website.

“The fan mail is intelligent and overwhelming. People don’t write just to gush. Lots of intelligent discussions. People are happy to discuss serious issues with me.

“I’m glad to know fans see me as more than an actress. They want to share their lives. They want to know my beauty regime thoroughly.”

Bipasha tries to update her website as frequently as possible.

“My public perceptions come through that site. I write a personal diary, though I can’t jot down diary entries every day. The website has brought me closer to my audience. I’ve always been frank. But here I’m totally myself, exactly the way I want to.”

A new socially conscious Bipasha has associated herself with HIV awareness campaigns and says that she wants to focus on children.

“I want to do more for kids. I think I’m old enough to start taking my social responsibilities seriously. But whatever I’ve to do I’ve to have fun.”

Recently, she danced with HIV patients at a live performance.

“It was for an organisation called Astha which helps to create awareness about AIDS among sex workers. The effort is to tackle the problem at the very basic level. The campaign for which I danced was named Atma Vishwas (self confidence).

“First, they were in awe of me. Then they were dancing as though they were my buddies. They’ve very sad lives. Yet if I make them smile I feel like a good human-being.”

Bipasha got involved with the project two years ago.

“So far I wasn’t that keenly involved. But now I’m going to be actively involved with it. And I don’t want to be a celebrity endorser. I want to be a part of the fieldwork. I’d rather dance with the patients than just give them awards. If you become part of their events they feel truly encouraged. It makes them feel more human and accepted.”

Bipasha’s performance went well.

“You know, a live performance may look like a very small contribution from the outside. But for me it’s a very big thing. I suffer from tremendous stage fright. There has to be a truly valid reason for me to brave it… either big money or a big show. But this time my efforts were really from the heart.

“You know I’m a selfish person. I like myself when I do something for others. I felt good about dancing for a cause on Wednesday. Fortunately, I now have songs like ‘Beedi’ and ‘Dhoom’ to dance to.”

Bipasha Basu gives “Bidee’s” credit to Sunidhi Chauhan

Mumbai, Jan 19 : Playback singer Sunidhi Chauhan gets full credit for the huge popularity of her item song “Bidee” in “Omkara” from Bipasha Basu .

“I’m flattered to see everyone else performing to my ‘Bidee’ song. I’ve been watching ‘Bigg Boss’, and I’m delighted to see the female contestants almost invariably requesting my ‘Bidee’ number and dancing to it like crazy.

Sunidhi is a goddess. Her singing is so powerful. She added another dimension to my dancing,” Bipasha told IANS.

As a rule Bipasha is still petrified of singing and dancing.

“‘Dhoom 2′ may look like a fun film to do. But it was a challenge. Singing and dancing are challenging for me. I do enjoy it more now than I did earlier. But, I’m still nervous about it.”

Bipasha is looking forward to her new film.

“I’m working opposite Saif Ali Khan in ‘Race’ for the first time. It has lots of stars in it. And I’m one of them. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m the queen of multi-starrers.

“From now on I’ll only be doing multi-starrers,” she joked. “I’ve made an impact, no matter how big the cast. Whether it’s ‘Omkara’ or ‘Dhoom 2′, I’ve been noticed and talked about.”

She’s very happy with the progress she has made. “I’m getting there, I know that. I may be taking baby steps but every role should add something to my character.”

‘Dhoom 2′ review : a slick glamour, action package

Clever … very clever. That’s the impression you come away with from this sumptuous package of gloss, glamour, glitter and oomph quotient. If you’ve seen the first instalment of “Dhoom”, you would know Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra carry forward their characters. And that’s not an easy thing to do.

Film: “Dhoom 2″; Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya RaiAbhishek BachchanBipasha Basu, Uday Chopra; Rating: ***

Abhishek is saddled with an aura of solemnity while everyone else has a rollicking time.

Make no mistake. “Dhoom 2″ is about letting your hair down as far as it can go. The carnival-like atmosphere is carried all the way to Brazil where the sweaty tropical mood is imbibed into the characters as they play an ambivalent game of cat and mouse.

Yes, there are the law-enforcers and the law-breakers. But how do we tell them apart?

Certainly not by the glamour quotient, which is, applied to the antagonist Aryan (Hrithik) and his moll Sunehri (Aishwarya) far more intently than the cop-hero Jai (Abhishek) and his sidekick Ali (Uday Chopra).

And if you add Bipasha’s double role to the heady brew, you’ve got a film that’s the equivalent of a glossy calendar.

The film moves from Mumbai to Brazil in undulating movements and fuses furious action and svelte skin-show in a mix that leaves you dizzy.

Movies were never meant to be so heady, unsteady and ready to rock. Aishwarya’s doll-like movements in the song “Crazy kiya re” drive one crazy indeed.

The fast-paced and superbly crafted moments of aerial and ground stunts are all centred on the one and only Hrithik. “Dhoom 2″ is bigger, brighter, sexier and sassier than the earlier film.

Director Sanjay Gadhvi doesn’t try to please the audience. A sense of renewed and engaging d�j� vu is created by the film’s own volition. All the chutzpah and chirpy glamour from the first film is back with loads of oomph. The storytelling careens from the downright clownish courtship (Bipasha and Uday Chopra) to the outright passionate.

Aishwarya and Hrithik are arguably the best-looking couple Bollywood has ever seen. They look good and vibe so beautifully together.

The light falls just right on each actor. I can’t think of one film since “Sholay” that has showcased a bunch of top-notch actors in a more flattering light. Bipasha’s double role as a no-nonsense Mumbai cop and a sexy Brazilian girl is a little absurd.

Abhishek lends his solemn cop’s role a kind of edgy intolerance that makes him just right to counter the “perfect thief” played by Hrithik Roshan.

The film belongs to Hrithik. What an actor, what a dancer, what a screen presence! In a vital love sequence with Aishwarya, Hrithik displays controlled inner and outer movements as the international thief who shows the desperate anxiety of a lover.

The Aishwarya-Hrithik chemistry puts the film’s mood into a humane perspective. The two anti-socials look into each other’s smouldering eyes, whisper about love, life and food to each other, play basketball together and even exchange an intense kiss.

At the end of it all, we’re left gasping for breath. Hrithik, Aishwarya and the rest of the cast look bronzed and sweaty… the heat is a killer.

Hrithik implements the series of heists in a spirit of twinkle-eyed mischief. When the crime-caper turns into an intense love story, you marvel at the actor’s ability of taking the plot from one level of engaging diversion to another without losing the rhythm pattern that governs the narration.

The film, however, never goes over the top in pursuit of stunts and thrills.

Of course there have been other more well thought-out capers. But has there ever been a caper as good-looking as “Dhoom 2″? Has Aishwarya ever looked and acted more authentically in any of her masala films? Has Hrithik ever given more substantial proof of his magnetic star power? Has Abhishek had a bigger chance to act in a film where’s his male co-star gets the author-backed role?

The answer to all the questions is a big no.

“Dhoom 2″ is a slick flick with stunts that flatter Hrithik’s star presence, only to deceive the audience into believing it’s all very easy.

This is a film that makes the big-screen spectacle look jovial and casual. The gruelling glamour of a stunt-driven drama has never been more fluently placed before us.

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