CPU Throttling CPU Hog Problem with WordPress

If you have been blogging using wordpress then its quite common that at some point you will face this problem of high CPU useage or CPU Throttling( in Hostmonster) or CPU Hog ( in Hostgator) .. Whenever this happens you receive a warning on c-panel of your hosting account or you may receive an email form the hosting service provider or some hosts may simply block your website for some time until you fix the problem.

Usually its the plugins that cause high CPU use age problem but in some cases it could be the theme you use on your blog or large posts and comments.  So, here are the steps you need to take to reduce the CPU useage on your shared hosting account:-

1.  De-activate un-necessary plugins. We usually install a lot of plugins that have little or no use. Essentially, we should just stick to the plugins that are absolutely required.  When I faced this problem I had 25+ plugins on my blog but then I reduced them to 12.

2. Related Posts plugins usually are the culprit. In my case it was the plugin called “Contextual Related Posts” . Avoid using them if you have low resource hosting account. Do the internal linking manually.

If you absolutely need it then make sure to use only those related posts plugins that are lighter on resources and that create a cache of related posts. One such related posts plugins is “nrelate related posts”. Further show no more than 3 related posts on each post.

3. Use a Cache Plugin:    Wordpress itself recommends using a cache plugin for wordpress blogs that get a lot of visitors. But this will also apply to blogs with average traffic that are on shared hosting. So make sure to use caching plugin. I recommend using W3 Total Cache

4. Always use a simple and light wordpress theme. You can find such themes easily on wordpress website.

5. Spam comments create an excess burden on sql database, so either close the comments on your blog or set very high standards.

6. Install a plug-in called Clean Options. The plug-in will look for truncated/orphaned entries on the wp_options table and hence optimize your blog. It is particularly useful on an old blog.

7.If you use Contact Form 7 plugin in your blogs then replace it with “Fast and Secure Contact Form”.

8. Use a good shared hosting account. I recommend Hostgator. For VPS, I recommend KnownHost.