Common Policy Violations that Google Adsense Publishers Do

If you are not new to adsense, then you probably know that there are adsense policies that you must comply with. However, there are too many policies and every policy is not elaborated, making it difficult for people to know if “Its Alright” in specific situations.. Some times if there is a minor overlap of ads over the text or minor overlap of theme design/image over the adsense and we simply ignore it. But thats not correct. I personally have received a warning on one of my blogs due to this reason and mind you, it was only a fractional overlap of Adsense over text. It was only about .5 mm. So, don’t be complecent. Follow all rules, watch the content that you post and comments that get published on your blog. Watch the ad placement. Make sure you have privacy policy published on your website, etc etc.

For general and complete list of adsense policies, please refer to following LINK as it will have the updated information. For some frequently ignored and common policy violations read on the remaining article:-

1. Placing Ads under Post/Article Title: This is something that many publishers do, probably because it results in high CTR and because almost all adsense plugins for wordpress offer this spot for inserting ads. However, one must understand that it is a very tricky placement and one must be very careful so that the title of post may not appear as title of adsense ads.

If you want to place ads under post title, then the correct way would be to make sure that ads are aligned to right side and content appears immediately under the post title.

2. Pay Attention to where the ads appear: Once you have inserted the ads, review them to make sure that:-

  • Ads don’t appear under links like “Read More”, “Continue”, “Read the rest of post” etc.
  • Ads don’t overlap even a fraction of blog content or vice versa. The content should be easily be visible as separate from the ads.
  • Ads don’t get overlapped by the theme.

3. Use of images: We all like using images on blog posts but we don’t realize that these images maybe copyrighted to someone. So, whenever possible buy images from websites that sell images.  Also avoid using images that have logos of corporates etc. These people are very agressive in sending DMCA notices.

4. Choose Correct Urls: You must avoid buying a domain name with name of a company like say etc etc. Basically there should not be a company/corporate name in the URL.

5. Post Privacy Policy: This is clearly mentioned in adsense policy page but still many people don’t place privacy policy on their website.

6. Not moderating Blog/Forum: Many people don’t moderate their forums and blogs aggressively and this may result in in-appropriate comments getting published on their websites.

7. Placing Ads on blogs with in-appropriate content: Many people simply place adsense on all blogs they own. You must understand that adsense is not for every blog. Make sure that the content on the blog where you are going to place adsnese is compliant to adsense. Just because others are placing ads on such websites is no reason for you to follow them.

One interesting example, is that you should not place adsense on web directory if you have no filters in place to stop links appearing automatically and to filters words like gambling, adult words, etc. You are responsible for user generated content as well, so no disclaimer can save you. If you still want to place adsense ads then atlease, place a ‘Report a violation’ link to all pages with user-generated content.

8. Be Selective in Choosing what websites to link to: If you have adsense on your blog, you can not link out to partners or affiliate from online gambling, casino, adult industry. This is because adsense not only stops you from placing ads on such websites but also stops you from linking to those websites if you are using adsense.

Thats it guys, I will add more mistakes here as and when I know about them. If you know other common mistakes, then do leave a comment below.