Check Income Tax Refund Status by Phone or Online

From this year onwards, a delay or non receipt of income tax refund is going to be a major problem that will affect not just business men but millions of retail tax payers (many of them laymen) in India. Earlier, mostly business men used to apply for tax refund if they had deposited excess advance tax but now even common man (Employed or un-employed), daily wager, widow, senior citizens etc may need to apply for tax refund as government has started taxing people’s fixed deposits in banks irrespective of their income. Many such people did not even earn Rs. 190000 in a year but gave away 10% to 30% tax on fixed deposits they had saved in bank.  No wonder that this will result in huge number of tax refund requests and it would be interesting to see how effectively IT department handles this rush.

This year, the IT department will get several refund applications from retail tax payers and they probably will do mistakes in filling correct ITR form, filling correct details at appropriate places and in providing bank details and MICR code. All this can result in further delay in processing of refund requests. So, it makes it essential for us to keep a check on our Income Tax Refund Status and correct any error if mentioned in online IT refund status report.

So, How to check your income tax refund status online:-

To track the refund status online follow these steps:-

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your PAN number and select the “Assessment Year” from drop down menu. (2012-13 for this year)
  3. Press the Submit button and on next page you will be able to see the refund status.

In case of a problem or if you have a query, you can contact IT department directly by emailing them at or

If you want to contact them by Phone, then you can call them at:

  • Help desk of SBI at 080-26599760
  • Aaykar Sampark Kendra at 0124 2438000
  • Toll free number 18004259760

Alternatively, you can also follow up in person with the assessing officer of the jurisdiction where the return was filed manually.

How can you speed up the Income Tax Refund refund process?

  1. If you want to get refund quickly, then it’s important that you file your IT return online. While it can be tough for a layman to file return online, there are several tutorials available online that help you learn the process easily.
  2. Make sure to opt for “Direct Credit to Bank” option for refund. Also, make sure that you enter correct MICR Code for your bank. Some banks display wrong MICR code in cheque books they provide, so it’s always a good idea to visit your bank and ask for their MICR Code.
  3. If you opt for payment by cheque, then make sure that you mention your correct address in ITR where you can receive the cheque. Also make sure that you have a bank account with same name as in PAN card (especially in case of married females).

What to do incase there is delay in refund?

  1. If you do not get a refund in 3 to 6 months time, then follow up in person with the assessing officer of the jurisdiction where the return was filed and file a letter with explanation supported by documentation.
  2. If he takes no action, you can write to the chief commissioner along with copies of previous communication written to the assessing officer and with a copy of the tax return filed.