Can A Wife Open Separate Adsense Account

Can you open seperate adsense account for each family member like wife, husband, brother, sister, son, daughter etc?

Well, if these members live in different places then they can definitely open separate adsense account; no matter which country you belong to.  However, if you share house with these family members then it is believed that different rules will apply depending on country of your residence.

Many people try to find a clear answer to this question but no one has a definitive answer. Nothing is mentioed about this issue in Google’s TOS probably because google has different rules for people of different countries. We searched through the discussions in google adsense support forums and came to the following conclusion:- ( Please note that this conclusion may not be 100% correct)

  1. If you are from North America or Europe(most parts) or other developed countries then there will be no problem as long as you have different Tax ID and bank account.
  2. In some countries, more than one Adsense account is not allowed per physical address. India is one of such countries.

Earlier, Google used to give specific reason while rejecting an application but now especially for publishers in restricted countries, they don’t give actual reason while rejecting an application. So, if they reject your family member’s adsense application, the reason quoted will most probably be “Unacceptable site content”. I personally believe it is because they don’t want to be blamed as racist who have different policies for people belonging to Asian countries. They used to give actual reason till some years back as you can see in one of the source URLs below:..


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