Blog Niche, Audiences Age And Your Earnings

I have many blogs on different topics/niches, all with varied traffic, CTR and (adsense) earnings. I have noticed some patterns that I think will be very useful to readers as my findings contradict with whats taught/recommended by various internet gurus on internet.  Here are my findings:-

Myth – To make money, go for long tail keywords with high per click income.

While its true that creating such websites will ensure that they face little competition, no sandbox effect and appears on first page of serp almost instantly. However the earnings from such websites ( in 95% cases) will only be few cents per week.

I have seen that even if I go for making a websites on a niche that pays 2 to 5 cents per click but has good demand and the audiences are in teenage group, then I end up making much more money. In fact I have one such website and the earnings I make through it contribute to over 30% of my total online income.

The people in teenage group usually click over ad links very often. So such sites usually have CTR of more than 25 and hence low earning of even 5 cents per click sums up to a really big amount.

But going for these short keyword phrase websites with average competition is not an easy ride and is definitely not recommended for a complete newbie. But if you have been around for an year or so, and when you know what it takes to make websites rank higher in serps, then you should go for niches that have reasonable competition and good demand (searches/month).  This is where you will make significant money once it starts ranking.

Caution: Its not an easy ride. If you go for competitive niches, be ready to:-

  • Face Sandbox effect
  • Work hard at building site content/Pay for building site content.
  • Work even harder on social networking sites, article directories, forums, friends, etc to make back links
  • All this involves hard work for 3 to 9 months and no immediate results.
  • Patience is the Key to Success

Good Luck!