Amazon Affiliate Program – A Review is a well known website that sells items that they stock and also allow third party sellers to sell on their website. Very few people know that it offers an affiliate program too.

Aamzon affiliate program pays referral rates from 4% to 8.5%, depending on the shipped items volume. For first 6 items you get 4%, for 7 to 30 items you get 6.00%, for 31 to 110 items you get 6.5% and so on.. Maximum referral rate one can get is 8.5% which one gets if you sell more than 3131 items. You can also get 8.5% referral rate on sale of Kindle devices, Kindle books, and Kindle accessories.

However, it must be noted that Amazon affiliate program is not for everyone. It may not do well on every type of blog/website. If you own a website where you can sell goods then this affiliate program will work well for you. I have used amazon affiliate on a gadgets review website and it did well. Though, it took me 6 months to earn 100 USD from this program but I expect earning more in future as I increase the number posts in my blog..

The best way to use amazon product links is to place the link within posts of the item that you review. So, if people are impressed with the review, they might buy the item using the product link on your post. To make the task easier, one may use the wordpress plugin for wordpress called “Amazon Product In a Post Plugin”. Another method is to start an aStore.

Another thing to note here is that if you are not located in US, then it will cost you around $15 to get the payment cheque/check cashed as the checks are payable in US only. So, it will make sense if you change the payment thresh hold to $500. Otherwise, you will end up paying $15 for every $100 you earn.

Try this affiliate program and let me know how it works for you..